Global Inequality: The Costa Rica Solution


An awesome animation made by my dear friend Andreas Lundström and narrated by me.

The world is suffering from extreme inequality. The richest 10 % of the world’s adult population own 80 % of its wealth, and the poorest half of the population owns less than 5 %. So the reason that 50 000 people die from poverty every day, is not that we don’t have enough resources but that they are unevenly distributed. And the solution isn’t that poor countries get as wealthy as rich countries, because if everybody lived like the average American, we would need five planets!

If you split the world’s wealth with its population, you get 13 000 dollars per year. That’s the GDP per capita of Costa Rica. Costa Rica scores number 1 in the Happy Planet Index; they combine a very long life expectancy with a very small ecological foot print. If everybody lived like Costa Ricans, wealth would be evenly distributed and we would only need one planet. Which is what we got.

Help us promote equality, sustainability and poverty reduction. Live on less than 13 000 dollars a year and give the rest of your money to the poor. Thank you.

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Global Inequality
50 000 die from poverty every day
GDP per capita of Costa Rica and Gross World Product per capita:
Costa Rica scors #1 in the Happy Planet Index

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