EXPOTUR Costa Rica Zona de los Santos


EXPOTUR Costa Rica Zona de los Santos

Los Santos region is located on the southern mountains of the Central Plateau of Costa Rica. Here, we can find several towns and communities mostly dedicated to coffee activities, such as San Gerardo de Dota, Santa María de Dota, San Marcos de Tarrazú and San Pablo de León Cortés among others. This area enjoys of exceptional weather and climate conditions as well as social and geographic aspects, ideal to produce a very tasty and aromatic gourmet coffee, recommended by coffee amateurs around the world. Los Santos region also has anextraordinary natural beauty, crystalline rivers, primary high forests and wonderful birds such as the Quetzal bird, and just the Dota County, protects 80% of its territory under conservation laws. Here, we find the Saavegre River, considered as one of the clearest waters river of the continent.

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