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Expert Local SEO Consultant Seattle WA
Local SEO is the process of improving a website’s search engine result rankings (SERPS) for people searching for local goods, services and businesses in their cities. Local SEO has taken off in a big way and is only getting bigger. In 2014, a third of internet searches were for local businesses, and when you take out geo-targeted keywords (e.g. cities and neighborhoods), the number approaches 50%.

Google is always learning about people’s intent when they search, including when they are looking for a good, service or business to purchase near their home. More and more local search results are showing up in searches like “best auto mechanic.”

If you have local customers and have a physical address, you need to optimize your website for local search – it’s absolutely critical to get new clients for your business!

Expert Local SEO Consultant Seattle WA
What is the Local “Seven Pack?”
In Google results for local searches, this is the group of 7 local businesses that are related to the search and this shows at the top of the results, or at least towards the top of the results. It lists the 7 businesses on a map, and also includes a list of the company name, address, phone number and Google+ reviews.

To make sure you have the best chance of showing up, following these steps:
-Claim your business on Google
-Create a Google+ Local Business page
-Participate in social media, and fill out all of your profiles
-Have your business website prominently displayed
-List your business’ location in your meta description of your site

There is bit more to getting to show up in local search, but that should provide a good overview!

Expert Local SEO Consultant Seattle WA
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