Earthquake in Panama today, Felt in Costa Rica 5.6 Magnitude – (en español) May 27, 2013


(newsclip is in Spanish) Currently here in Costa Rica & was awoken out of a deep sleep at 3:41 AM with the bed shaking. The epicentre was in Panama, but also felt throughout the country here. For the benefit of my Spanish speaking friends, I’ve uploaded the segment from the 7 AM TV news. As the centre was located in a farmland area of Panama, there was no damage & no one was injured in either of the 2 countries.

Photos in general of earthquake damage:

Info on earthquakes:

News articles on this earthquake:

USGS List of current earthquakes, with maps:

Photos – Costa Rica:

San Jose, Capital of Costa Rica:,_Costa_Rica

Costa Rica:

Newsclip is from TV Channel 6, San Jose, Costa Rica:

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