Do YOU make these 5 Vacation Mistakes? Know Before You Go!


Top 5 Mistakes to avoid when booking your Costa Rica Vacation. FREE Costa Rica travel info:
Frog TV brings you the top 5 mistakes that many people make when booking thier trip down here to Costa Rica. Check out the list so that you can make the most out of your valuable vacation time.

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Top 5 Mistakes to Avoid on Vacation to Costa Rica
Welcome to Frog TV – I’m Adam Baker
Let’s Stop and THINK for a moment! What are the 5 Top Mistakes to AVOID when booking your vacation to Costa Rica!
In at Number 1 – Biggest Mistake Not booking with a Local in-country Travel Agent!
Be very wary of large travel sites as they team up with the big all-inclusive resorts to get as many sales as they can for income. The problem with this – is that they promote deals for sales over client experience. We highly recommend moving away from the all-inclusive options and experience the boutique hotels that offer far better service and value for money.
When using online sites you can expect inaccurate information, doctored pictures, inaccurate reviews and poor descriptions. But the biggest thing is the lack of customer service! With online travel sites and local US agents they cannot help you if things go awry when on vacation. You can try and solve an issue but you may well be on hold for hours, eating away at your valuable vacation time.

We have none of these problems. When booking your trip we encourage you to ask us as many questions as you can – so your trip really is perfect for you. Take advantage of the human factor. And if you have an issue in country our 24/7 travel experience team are always there.

In at Number 2 – Staying at only 1 destination or staying at too many! You only have a week so don’t waste it by staying at one hotel! Costa Rica has so much to offer. However on the flip side – do not try and fit too much in to see it all! Costa Rica will be here again for a repeat visit.
Our general rule is 2 destinations for 7 days, 3 destinations, for 9 to 11 days and 4 to 5 destinations for up to 2 weeks.

For Number 3 – Avoid Traveling during the ‘High Season’.
You’ll find traveling here during the high season is extremely hot and dry and very busy! It even rains more on the Caribbean side and around the Arenal Volcano- the adventure capitol. So if you can try to travel during the transition months – April to June and October to December. Plus the prices are lower as well!

In at Number 4 – Comparing it to Mexico or Hawaii!
Don’t expect the same kind of experience. Get out of your comfort zone. There are so many things to do away from the hotels and resorts. Costa Rica is a country to be seen and explored. With a great number of tours and destinations. And remember you cannot stay at the beach and visit the volcano in a day. Costa Rica is not an island like Hawaii so it’s worth splitting your trip up. Tourism plays a big role in Costa Rica, so the service is excellent and the people friendly and welcoming.

Finally for Number 5 – Avoid Waiting till the last minute to book your trip! BIG, big error. Every year Costa Rica is becoming more and more popular. The hotels book up fast especially the better ones. So if you want your first pick aim to book around 6-8 months in advance. This way you may well find better deals on airfare as well as hotels. And if you can try to avoid Christmas it’s the busiest 2 weeks of the year and the costs sky rocket!

So there we go – our Top 5 Mistakes to avoid when booking your vacation to Costa Rica. Of course it goes without saying that the 6th mistake would be not booking with us! So click here to start your dream journey with Costa Rican Vacations! If you’re not convinced just yet check out our testimonials page as we’re very proud of the memories we’ve created.
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Hasta la Proxima!

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