Define Your Target Market To Implement A Successful SEO Strategy


I am Jennifer Dunphy, with Vayu Media. Welcome to this week’s internet marketing minute

Many times business get so excited about moving forward with an SEO strategy that they forget to first define their target market and put together a comprehensive strategy. They just dive head first into the campaign implementation. A crucial step to an effective SEO strategy is to first define your target audience and then craft your strategy to create a user friendly and engaging experience for them. This may take more time than you would like, but a little extra work in the beginning, goes a long way for the longevity and success of the campaign. Remember, the search engines are all about delivering quality data to searchers. If your website successfully does this, you will reap the rewards. Do the research. How are your prospective clients searching online and what do you need to focus on to ensure that they will find you and not your competition.

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