CPA Marketing For Beginners: Learning The Basics


CPA Marketing For Beginners….

CPA stands for Cost Per Acquisition. Make money from someone performing an action, like sign-up for an offer, get a quote on an insurance site, etc. This means that you don’t have to wait for someone to buy anything.

Imagine if you ran a car insurance company and you got paid for someone filling out the application and then leaving. That’s pretty much what happens when you promote CPA offers.

Choosing A CPA Network.

There are networks out there that act as the middle man between companies and affiliate marketers. There are many networks out htere such as

From personal experience, I’ve found Peerfly being the easiest network to join because their process is very simple. Typically, you will find many CPA networks put people through a pretty extensive interview process. The reason is because they want to make sure that you’re going to ethically and professionally represent the company well.

But Peerfly has a very smooth process that seamlessly walk you through becoming an affiliate marketer for their network. Think of it as applying for employment. Just be as honest as you can about your background and experience and you will surely be accepted into the good boys/girls club.

How To Promote CPA Offers Online

Just like regular affiliate marketing programs, you can promote CPA offers on your blog, YouTube videos, Facebook, and direction. Most affiliate marketing experts will feel you to start out YouTube because you can refer people directly to the offer. I’m sure you will agree that it’s much easier to send people directly to the offer as oppose to sending them to a sales page.

When you promote on your blog, you have to learn basic copywriting skills just to keep a person on your site as you promoe the offer. However, when reviewing an affiliate offer or just posting regular content, you can be a little more loose because it’s like having a conversation or holding a presentation for someone.

Plus, people are gravitating more and more towards videos by the day. Just ask Facebook. Posting videos is the easy part. Getting them ranked on the first page and the top spot on YouTube search is a different story. Of course we can help you learn that as well. It’s important for you to learn easy basic SEO because you want more eyes to see your video.

Studies have shown that people look on the first page on Google search and YouTube search 80% of the time when searching for into online. This is why we must place effort into SEO.

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