Costa Rican farmers make the perfect cup of coffee


1. Various of man picking coffee beans
2. Close of basket full of coffee beans
3. Close coffee beans on plant
4. Close of man’s hands collecting beans
5. SOUNDBITE: (Spanish) Ronald Peters, General Manager, Costa Rican Coffee Institute, Icafe
“The economic clauses of the OIC (international Coffee Organisation) agreement were eliminated, there was no quota, and since there was no quota, the market tumbled, and other countries which had no quota came to produce a much cheaper coffee, and it caused super production”.
6. Various of people unloading baskets full of coffee beans
7. SOUNDBITE: (Spanish) Antonio Barrantes, farmer
“We had to throw ourselves in the water, like we used to say then, in order to change. We had to change or disappear, that’s when we started with our ‘benefice’, let’s benefit it. People said it wouldn’t work, because it was not for the small growers, but, thank God, we are still here.”
8. Mid of man moving coffee grains with rake
9. Close of rake moving coffee grain
10. Close of Barrante smelling coffee beans in sack
11. Close of hands with beans falling into sack
12. Various of Barrantes smelling beans
13. Various of bowl filled with beans being poured into a machine to toast them
14. Close beans going into toaster
15. Close of beans being toasted
16. SOUNDBITE: (Spanish) Manuel Antonio Barrantes, farmer
“We have to work in harmony with nature. We don’t achieve anything by producing too much, if we do then the soil becomes sick. That is why we control the use of very poisonous chemicals that contaminate the soil and us.
17. Various of Barrantes spraying insecticide
18. Close of bags containing gourmet coffee
19. Close of bag with Herbaz� coffee made for Starbucks
20. Close of coffee dripping into cup
21. Various of milk being heated for a cappuccino
22. SOUNDBITE: (Spanish) Ricardo Azofeifa, coffee taster
“We are internationally placed as having a coffee with outstanding qualities of acidity, sweetness, mildness, and its brilliancy in these qualities.”
22. Mid of Enrique Morales preparing hot milk for a cappuccino
23. Various of coffee being poured into cup
24. SOUNDBITE: (Spanish) Enrique Morales, certified barista
“One of the best known drinks in the world is the cappuccino. Costa Rican coffee, which has a very balanced cup, is one of the most indicated coffees, because of our type of roasting, the quality of the espresso, and the way we prepare the milk.”
25. Morals standing next to coffee machine
26. SOUNDBITE: (Spanish) Ricardo Azofeifa, coffee taster
“If we consume the coffee as espresso, it has to have more fragrance, more acidity and sharpness.”
27. Various of Azofeifa pouring hot water into cups
28. Mid of Giovanni Mora tasting different kinds of coffee
29. Wide of Giovanni Mora tasting coffee
30. SOUNDBITE: (Spanish) Giovanni Mora, coffee taster
“I sense the aroma intensity, desirable qualities in coffee, like chocolate, sweet, caramel, citric aromas, and so on. On the contrary, an appreciator is able to detect defects in aroma, either in a certain allotment or coffee product.”
31. Various of Mora tasting coffee
32. Mid of Morales preparing coffee
33. Various of women sitting at caf�
34. Mid of waiter
35. Various of women drinking coffee
Coffee, one of the world’s favourite drinks, is produced by farmers across the globe in countries near the equator.
In this fiercely competitive market it helps to produce a distinctive product.
One Costa Rican farmer has developed his business by increasing quality and a landing a contract with a major coffee house chain.
Coffee producers in Costa Rica are now reaping the benefits of changing their traditional farming methods in the 1990s.

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