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The trip itself seemed like the biggest disaster I have had for a very long time. From the moment I landed in Liberia to the moment I landed in Edmonton it seemed that what could go wrong, did go wrong. From arriving with no accommodations, tour forgetting about me all together, hurricane hitting the country with the country declaring a state of emergency and plane breaking down delaying my flight as it had to be replaced by a different plane and crew, I could not get a break. Even my brand new not fully unpackaged rented bicycle breake down after only 12 km. In spite of all that I found the trip to be one of my better ones and Costa Rica a very beautiful country with lots of things to see a do for me, if I actually got to do them. Run out of time to do most things partly because the hurricane chewed up some of my precious time.
Costa Rica has very beautiful scenery to offer. Its rugged mountains countryside to the deep biodiversity of the jungle offer wonderful views in Costa Rica. The Beach “Le Coco” in Playa Del Coco is 5 km long and 100 m wide dark soft and fine sand. The water is bathwater warm, but the riptides are strong. The sand is clean from litter like cigarette butts and bottles and biological fouling from pollution. This fact means there it is void of the dreadful smell from pollution of organic decomposition from weeds washing up on the shore and decomposing.
I like that fact many people are using golf carts to commute around town charging the carts every two days as it’s both cheap as well as decreasing the pollution in town, mind you if you get in an accident in a golf cart then tough luck.
Costa Rica has strict non-smoking laws banning smoking from all public buildings and restaurants, including on the patios and outdoor venues of these establishments, Europe could learn from Costa Rica here.
Temperature was ~31°C in the day and about ~23°C at night with about ~50% humidity which feels warm but not stuffy. This was between the wet and dry seasons so it was dark green and just some plants starting to turn yellow, almost a fall of sorts for them.
The Coco beach hotel that I stayed in was nothing special, cleanliness was ok and everything worked. The air conditioning was powerful and quiet. Location was great as it was right downtown and 200m from the centre of the beach.
The place was generally safe with locals saying there was a murder in the town last year but it was drug related. Safety is just a state of mind everywhere and Costa Rica did not alarm me, many expats and tourists have had safe experience there.
The Congo Trail Zipline – awesome adventure which is just 15 minutes from Playa Del Coco and included 11 ziplines through a jungle and even across a river. In retrospect I wished I tried superman or upside-down style of decent. This was a cheap and fun adventure. The outfit is run and executed professionally with safety in mind.
Palo Verde National Park – this was an awesome excursion into the jungle to some wildlife including birds, bats, iguanas, monkeys and crocodiles. I even saw the second biggest flying bird in the world with a wingspan of 3 meters. The water is unique in that it flows both ways in the river. It flows one was during the day and then reverses flow upstream during the nightly tide from the ocean brining salt water into the river up to 25 km inland and reversing the flow of the river as the water level rises.
Rich Coast Diving – It’s a 15 minute ride from Le Coco beach by boat near islands inside the bay, technically it is in the Pacific Ocean. This is a good excursion if not for the fact that visibility was poor due to passing of the hurricane the day earlier made the water murky. Reasonably priced and very accommodating with safety in mind at all times.
The food was amazing but finding vegetarian or vegan choices is very hard. Vegetarian choices are limited to one or two items on the menu and vegan is limited to just a few places. Food is generally priced similarly to Canada prices and alcohol is not cheap either. Of course fresh fruit and vegetables are amazing from local stands.
The hurricane was pretty much a non-event for me personally. It started at 8pm at night with light rain turning into heavy rain. Power lines and some trees were down and it also fried the hotels electronic for door entrance. It cancelled my excursion to Nicaragua and white water rafting. The rain was very loud inside the hotel as it was so intense. Locals were more worried about the hurricane as they did not know what to expect as this was the first one to hit Costa Rica in 168 years.
The filmed was produced by Marcin Pisz and filmed using mostly Lumix GH4 and GoPro Hero 5 Session and unknown Lumix cameras.
Thanks to Rich Coast Diving, Congo Trail Zipline and Plus Papagoya Tours

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