Costa Rica Travel Guide – Best of Manuel Antonio & Quepos 2013

Book Trailer – This book is about a love affair – the love the locals of Manuel Antonio & Quepos have for the place we’ve chosen above all others to call home.

We love living in the Happiest Country in the World where people make eye contact and smile at each other.

We love living by the sea and never tire of staring out over breathtaking Espadilla Bay dotted with its seven tropical islands. Who needs to watch television when you have incredible views right outside your window?

We love the rainforest and the endlessly fascinating creatures that grace our lives each and every day. Who needs an alarm clock when you can wake up to the sound of howler monkeys?

We love that Costa Ricans have eliminated time as a source of stress. Who needs an alarm clock to get you to your meeting exactly on time when nobody cares if you’re a little late?

This guide doesn’t pretend to be a famous travel book like Lonely Planet. It isn’t meant to tell you about everything there is to do and see here. It’s about what the locals love about it. By all means bring your famous travel guide but let this book fill in the white space between the lines that no professional travel writer could possibly know after passing through for three days.

Where do we like to hang out, eat and shop? What’s the juicy scoop behind our favorite places?

The chapters are organized by category such as Best Restaurant, Best Local Hangout and Best Dentist. The winners in each category are featured. How did they get here? Why did they stay? Some of their stories are quirky, inspirational, heartbreaking or touching. Happiness, fulfillment of a dream, contentment and having all these things in paradise weigh heavily in how they measure their success.

If you like the idea of feeling at home and connected to a place before you even get there then this guide is for you.

Think of it as if you were visiting a foreign country where you had friends. Where would they take you? Who would you meet? What kind of “inside” connections would you make?
So, yes, we are letting you in on our secrets and that’s what sets this book apart from any other you’ll read about Manuel Antonio & Quepos.

Every year after the winners are announced we have a town party. Everyone meets at the Best Local Hangout to hear the Best Live Music Band and to honor the victors. We even have a red carpet laid out for the winners to walk along on their way to the stage to accept their awards – just for some added cheesy fun.

It’s a privilege to share their stories with you.

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Paradise Awaits!
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