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קוסטה ריקה מידע למטייל, צוות קוסטה ריקה COSTA RICA ADVISER ריכז לכם מידע בסרטון מקיף על קוסטה ריקה, לעוד מידע בנושא לינה, הגעה, אטרקציות ועוד טיפים בקוסטה ריקה כנסו לדף הפייסבוק שלנו המתעדכן יומית –

The best of costa rica , this our first promo trailer of costa rica , you can see a bit of our coming tips in costa rica, gathering for you tips from the main attractions in costa rica, good cheap food, driving tips and much more about costa rica.

We started somewhere in Alajuela and from there headed north to rio celese and than down to the mighty Arenal, all the way to monteverde and again down south to san vito, on the way we got lost once.

In addition we didnt miss the chance to visit the downtown of san jose, many people are afraid of crime in San Jose but we advice you to pay a visit and enjoy the famous market the MERCADO CENTRAL and get your self some of the best coffee costa rica has to offer and yes, its cheaper too.

During our filming in costa rica we encounter lots of wild-life , from monkeys to sloths, tapir and even snakes, you will have the chance to do that as well just please respect nature and dont get to close or touch any of them, let them be
Costa is an amazing country!! Pura vida

We provide tips for those you are about to visit costa rica, Cheap good food in costa rica, where to visit in costa rica, when to visit, transportation and much more

You can enjoy the rest of our videos over costa rica and also contact us for more tips and info via our main website the google costa rica : , or via our facebook page which has lots of photos and mini tips :

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