Costa Rica Things To Do in one week


Life Doesn’t Suck brings you our complete trip to Costa Rica over the course of one week. In it you’ll experience the countries most fun activities such as Playa Del Tamarindo, Pangas beach club, Howler Monkey Balls, Howler Monkey babies and families, Sea Turtles Laying Eggs, Minas Playa Escondida, Resorts Mountain Paradise Hotel, Ecotermales Fortuna, Arenal Volcano in La Fortuna, we climb Cerro Chato Jungle and relax in the Hot Springs of Eco Termales Fortuna, Zip Lining through the Jungle of Monteverde Cloud Forrest, a Sloth from the Hanging Bridges, shots of a Resplendent Quetzal and Orange Belly Trogons on the Sky Bridge, Ortega, Palo Verde boat tour through the Jungle of the Tempisque River, a huge Crocodile, Capuchins, the Jesus Christ Lizard, Egrets, Black Crown Heron, Little Blue heron, Great Blue heron, Green heron, Ducks, and maybe some Macaws.

We went to Costa Rica and discovered an incredible time!

Costa Rica is one of funnest tourist destinations on this planet. Leave a LIKE if you enjoyed the episode!!


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