Costa Rica Taxi Service TIP- MUST SEE


If you plan on traveling to Costa Rica then this is a MUST SEE video. You need to know how the Taxi’s operate here. We do have another taxi video, but this video explains a particular problem with the taxi’s in Costa Rica that you should know, especially if you’re traveling on a budget,, or perhaps haven’t done a lot of traveling before. So Check OUT part 2 of our Costa Rica Travel Tip about the taxi service here. OH, and if you know all the movies shown in this video, email us at with your answers and YOU could win a FREE bottle of Costa Rica’s local guaro, Cacique. Only thing is, you need to collect your prize HERE. So, send us your answers and you could Win a bottle of Cacique, valued at .00. But just think of the FUN we’ll have drinking it. Pura Vida!

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