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Costa Rica Sport | Los Suenos Marina – Playa Jaco, Costa Rica – (888) 995-1507 | Call Us To Book The Right Trip For You fun facts about Snapper fishing in Costa Rica:

The world record snapper of 78 pounds was caught off a resort in Costa Rica

Jaco Costa Rica area has some excellent spots for big Snapper

Snapper in Latin American Spanish is known as huachinango or pargo

The red snapper commonly inhabits waters thirty to two hundred feet deep

A red snapper attains sexual maturity at 2–5 years old

Costa Rica has dozen different kinds of snapper with the cubera being top snapper

Snapper average about 15 to 20 lbs with the biggest to date here 63 lbs

Snapper cruise the bottom, and inhabit rocky bottom, ledges, and artificial reefs, offshore oil rigs and shipwrecks

Adult Red Snapper occur in depths of 150 to 300 feet over both low and high-relief hard bottom

The Snapper bite is good year round. Cubera Snapper in the 50 to 80 pound range are not uncommon

Snapper seem to prefer a still or very slowly moving bait. Fishing from an anchored boat is productive

Snapper are caught casting live bait into rocks and reefs and slow trolling live bait near inshore rocks and reefs

Snapper are slow in growth,The age between 10-12 years snapper reach in size 37 inches and 30 pounds

Snapper generally live up to 16 years, most of those caught are 5 and 6 years old

The white flesh of Red Snapper is rated one of the best fish in the ocean

The oldest reported age of a snapper is 57 years old

When red snapper bite , they tend to be nibblers and pickers, and a soft touch is needed when trying to catch them

Wheather you offshore or inland fishing for snapper Costa Rica offers some the best fishing in the world

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