Costa Rica Schools have it TOUGH

0 Comments Hey Everyone! Most Costa Rican kids have a shot at receiving an education here. The government does supply a little ‘funding’, but NOT nearly enough to go around… and it’s spread VERY thin to say the least. The financial responsibility typically falls on the communities ‘themselves’, putting a LOT of pressure on families and teachers to supply the most basic of needs (like toilet paper for instance). Many families have the money but just as MANY, don’t. Do the math on this one and you can quickly see it becomes a HUGE financial BURDEN. Getting basic supplies like paper and pencils is tough enough, but bigger ticket items, like much needed copiers, computers and such are nearly impossible. We were talking to our good friend, Steve about this problem and he was on board immediately. We want to thank him BIG TIME for sending the funds and would also like to thank our Tico friends, Walter and Alejandra for pointing us in the right direction and also taking the time out from their busy school schedules to help us buy supplies. Check out this video and maybe you’ll have a better understanding of how it works here in Costa Rica and what can happen when just a few people get together in order to try and make a difference, little or otherwise…it’s ALL good and EVERYTHING helps. Interested in helping? Contact US. The kids would appreciate it.

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