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Short Video Tour of Santa Elena, Monteverde, Costa Rica – International Living

High in the Tilaran Mountains of Costa Rica is the Monteverde region. It’s one of the top tourist destinations in the country thanks to the natural beauty, abundant wildlife, and opportunities for adventures sports and hiking. It’s a bit over three hours to the west of Costa Rica’s capital, San José.

The main town of the region, Santa Elena, serves as a home base for travelers and long-time foreign residents alike. The town has basic services like banks, grocery stores, gas stations, medical clinics, hotels, and restaurants. Local expats, a mix of retirees, families, and tourism business owners, tend to have an independent spirit and a somewhat bohemian nature.

The elevation means that days are mild and nights are cool. And in certain times of year, the area recalls the Pacific Northwest, with drizzling rain and misty views. Monteverde is best-known for its cloud forest. A high-altitude rain forest, it is a unique environment in which clouds drift through the trees leaving behind moisture, which creates lush and dense greenery.

In the video below, International Living Costa Rica Editor Jason Holland offers a tour of the road into Santa Elena, as well as the city center and its environs.

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