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See more at . This is a view from a property available at Rancho Silencio, a beautiful example of Costa Rica real estate near San Ramon in the Central Valley of Costa Rica. There are 5 lots with the minimum being 1.5 acres and the maximum being 2 acres, each with privacy and quiet. The 4 available lots vary in price from k to k and all have clear titles researched by a leading attorney, and access to water and electricity at the main road!

This Costa Rica real estate is in a beautiful location with beautiful Gulf and mountain views!

Only 15 min. to a mall yet out in the country in a park-like atmosphere!

If you are looking to retire in a tranquil and beautiful setting, sipping wine in a hammock while watching the sunset and birds, this is for YOU!

The property is at 2800 feet elevation so that makes it not as hot as sea level – cooler at night for sleeping! 2800 feet is the perfect elevation for Costa Rica! I studied this by driving around and checking out properties and wearing an altimeter to compare the weather! So Rancho Silencio is at the perfect elevation!

This Costa Rica real estate known as Rancho Silencio is only a short drive to San Ramon and there you will find a good modern hospital, plenty of good doctors (in my opinion there many of the doctors are better in Costa Rica than in the USA), banks, a multi-plex cinema, restaurants, a farmers market, a large Sams Club type place and even a modern mall with all the typical mall stuff including a Papa John’s pizza!

It is also just 45 minutes to San Jose where the International Airport is, and just an hour to the Pacific coast!

To the north about an hour and a half away is one of the Costa Rica’s most beautiful attractions: Lake Arenal and Volcan Arenal. Not only is it beautiful but there are great hot springs there, gorgeous resort style hotels with views of the semi-active volcano, and then there is the lake for boating etc.

Rancho Silencio’s real estate borders a huge private forest on one side (owned by the government run electric company and kept as a natural forest to protect the river that runs through it which provides electricity at a dam a mile or so away). On the other side is an organic coffee and banana farm, and below it is an American neighbor who keeps a few horses there. Then on the other side of the road is a big farm but it’s not agribusiness like in the U.S. – no, it’s a quiet family owned farm.

The neighborhood is all farms except for the forest, and a couple other Americans live nearby and only half a mile away is a small pueblo with a school and church and a couple “pulperias” which are very small stores where you can buy the staples like milk, eggs, bread, cookies and beer! 😉

All in all this is an absolutely perfect place to retire or just to have a vacation home or live part year! It’s got beautiful views (the videos and photos simply do not capture how great the views are to the naked eye!), and it’s a quiet natural park-like setting with a creek which borders the bottom of the property.

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