Costa Rica Nature & Adventure Tour at Turu Ba Ri


Turu Ba Ri Tropical Park is located in the province of San José, just 47 miles from the metropolitan area. Turu Ba Ri’ s pristine setting is the perfect place for visitors to learn about Costa Rica’s natural history, discover our ancestor’s lifestyle, have a true adventure experience or just enjoy some remarkable scenery.

– Turu Ba Ri Aerial Tram
– Butterfly Garden (Area: 12.300 square feet / Duration: 30 minutes)
– The Loma Trail
– Javillos Trail
– Orchid Garden (Duration 15 minutes)
– Indian Trail (Duration 45 minutes)
– Bromeliad Garden (Duration 15 minutes)
– Palm Collection
– Stream Trail (Duration 20 minutes / Measure 800 feet)
– Countryman’s Farm (Duration 30 minutes)
– Palenque Vegetable Garden (Area 1.075 square feet)
– Trapiche (Sugar Mill)
– Herb Garden
– Vegetable Farm
– Religious Maze
– Fun Maze
– Cactus Collection
– Rio Grande de Tarcoles Overlook
– Bamboo Field
– Sensational Cable: Measuring a kilometer long and with a maximum height of 315 feet, guests will reach a top speed of 55 miles per hour. The trip lasts an average of one minute.
– Turu Ba Ri Canopy: it is 4.910 feet long, spread out over 7 cables, 12 platforms and one tower. It lasts approximately one hour. The second option is for more daring individuals.
– Horseback Ride: Measuring 8.335 feet and lasting between 45 minutes and one tour, this is a great alternative for those who like unite ecology with adventure. During this trip, guides will offer a general explanation about the flora and fauna that can be observed. It is important to mention that even children can participate in this tour as our horses are trained to offer the safety, peace of mind and comfort that our guests deserve.

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