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With our Costa Rica Helicopter Charter, You Can experience Costa Rica like you’ve never experienced before.

With many places to choose from, you can actually make the memory of a lifetime. See the natural wonders of our country as a whole from the sky. Excellent visibility of our vision devices, it is the perfect way to see volcanoes, rivers, rain-forests and much more beautiful. We offer an extensive fleet of helicopters and aircraft available for business and pleasure flights around Costa Rica and beyond.

Costa Rica Helicopter Charter for Executive flights

With the rental of Costa Rica, you can choose the time. Passengers can travel in first class comfort levels well over time with space to work and relax. Please contact our dedicated operations department for a quote and see how you and your company valuable time and money you can save.
helicopter for transport to places off the runway, aerial photography, medical evacuation flights or simply tourism, or a plane to get there quickly, we will find one that fits your budget. Contact us for this service here.

International flights

The activity in Costa Rica and Central America becomes a task and less convenient. Costa Rica Helicopter Charter is a practical solution for you or your customers to provide personal air transportation service that leads to where you want to be when you need to be there. Many people find it frustrating to depend on airlines, a waste of time to travel and get great international and domestic airports.

Our aircraft and pilots are trained to fly at night and in decreased vision and cloud cover conditions. In addition, we have the status of advanced satellite navigation (G.P.S), which offers greater security and the possibility of reducing long distances by allowing direct flights.

All our planes have the confidence and the relevant law allows. We also have a satellite tracking system and the operations department to ensure better monitoring of internal flight.

We have our own maintenance program, which is verified by Costa Rica and supervised by the manufacturer. The crew of the tank has been certified by the aircraft manufacturers themselves and are constantly sent to be trained, so that they can be updated on the latest developments in security and optimum aircraft.

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