Costa Rica – Clinton arrives


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US President Bill Clinton arrived in the Costa Rican capital, San Jose, late on Wednesday (7/5) for a 40-hour visit, during which he will attend a summit of Central American presidents focusing on trade and immigration.
He and wife Hillary were greeted by Costa Rica’s President, Jose Maria
Figueres, and his wife, Josette.


COSTA RICA, 7/5/97
MS Front of parked Air Force One aircraft;
MS Bill Clinton walks
down steps of aircraft;
MS Clinton greets officials on tarmac, and gets into car;
MS Clinton meets Costa Rican President Jose Maria Figueres;
SOT US President Bill Clinton (English), saying he is pleased to be in Costa Rica for the first time, and to receive the unique greeting not from the military, but from the children;
SOT continues, Clinton (English), saying this is a moment of opportunity for the region, especially where peace is prevailing;
SOT continues, Clinton (Spanish), saying thank you – we’ll see you tomorrow.


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