Costa Rica Birdwatching video series. Part 1


We are very proud to present the first chapter of our Birdwatching around Costa Rica video series.

Our videos series will give the viewer a general overview of our country from broad information to detailed guides on how to enjoy the birding activity.

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Hello colleagues
My name is Johan Weintz Aguilar, and I am from Costa Rica.

Costa Rica is a small Central American country, we are small in territory but big in peace, happiness, biodiversity, protected areas and as well birds.

The reason because we are here today is because we all share this passion for birds as well as we enjoy birdwatching
Let me talk a little bit about myself, I am a Eco-tourism professional, I have been working in eco-tourism all around my country for the last 100 years, as well I am a certified guide by the Costa Rican Tourism Board as a general and naturalist guide.

I am part of Costa Rica Birdwatching, we would like to share our experience with you, so please if you have any comment, suggestion or question don’t dough to contact us through our website, Tweeter or Facebook. You can find our information on the link bellow.

Today I want to give you the official welcome to this birdwatching video series on which we will go through different topics, going from general information, destinations, our trips and the birds that you can find here.

On this map we can see Costa Rica is located between the Tropic of Cancer and the Tropic of Capricorn, this allows the country to have a lot of hour of sun light imagine over 10 hour of sun light every day, this allows life and well plants to develop like crazy.

As well we can see we have North America and South America on both extremes of Costa Rica we are a bridge between this 2 continents, we have a big mixture of plants and animals of both continents here on this small area.

Also we have the Atlantic Ocean on one side and the Pacific Ocean on the other, this 2 masses of water create very special weather conditions.

All this factors in combination allows this beautiful Tropical Rainforest to develop here on Costa Rica.
So this was just a little bit of information of why Costa Rica is so bio-diverse, as well as why we have so many different bird species.

We hope you colleagues enjoy the content of this first video, remember is going to be a series so please wait for our next one

For any comment, suggestion or question please contact us through our Facebook, Twitter or by our website, you can find our information on the link bellow, and see you soon.

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