Costa Rica Anthem


Anthem Title: “Himno Nacional de Costa Rica” (Spanish)
“Costa Rican National Anthem” (English translation)

“Noble patria, tu hermosa bandera” (unofficial title (Spanish))
“Noble homeland, your beautiful flag” (unofficial title (English translation))

Description: In 1852, Costa Rica did not have a national anthem. However, when the United States and the United Kingdom accredited their diplomatic representatives in Costa Rica, the president wanted to host a welcome ceremony for the missions. A decision was made that a national anthem for Costa Rica should be composed for the occassion, and the president requested Mr. Manuel María Gutiérrez, Director of the Costa Rican National Army Orchestra, to compose the music and it was first performed for the occassion on June 11 of that year.

Several sets of lyrics were used since the melody was created, and in 1900, a contest was held to replace the existing lyrics to the anthem, which was won by José María Zeledón Brenes. Despite having the words and anthem officially composed and in common use, they were not declared as the official national anthem until 1949.

Lyricist: José María Zeledón Brenes

Composer: Manuel María Gutiérrez

In Use Since: 1949
June 11, 1852 (music (in use since))
1900 (lyrics (in use since))

Spanish lyrics
Noble patria tu hermosa bandera
Expresión de tu vida nos da:
Bajo el límpido azul de tu cielo
Blanca y pura descansa la paz.

En la lucha tenaz de fecunda labor
Que enrojece del hombre la faz,
Conquistaron tus hijos, labriegos sencillos,
Eterno prestigio, estima y honor,
Eterno prestigio, estima y honor.

¡Salve oh tierra gentil, salve oh madre de amor!
Cuando alguno pretenda tu gloria manchar,
Verás a tu pueblo, valiente y viril
La tosca herramienta en arma trocar.

¡Salve oh patria! tu pródigo suelo
Dulce abrigo y sustento nos da;
Bajo el límpido azul de tu cielo
¡Vivan siempre el trabajo y la paz!

English translation
Noble homeland, your beautiful flag
Express for us your life:
Under the limpid blue of your skies,
Peace reigns, white and pure.

In the tenacious battle of fruitful toil,
That brings a glow to men’s faces,
Your sons, simple farm hands,
Gained eternal renown, esteem and honour
Gained eternal renown, esteem and honour.

Hail gentle country, hail loving mother!
If anyone should attempt to besmirch your glory,
You will see your people, valiant and virile,
Exchange their rustic tools for weapons.

Hail O homeland! Your prodigal soil
Gives us sweet sustenance and shelter.
Under the limpid blue of your sky,
May peaceful labour ever continue.


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