Costa Rica and “Gringo Pricing”


GRINGO PRICING HAPPENS!!! If you’re coming to Costa Rica whether it’s for vacation or to live here you have to look out for Gringo Pricing. The locals think that every foreigner is rich and therefor can afford to pay more for a product then what they were originally asking for. Some times this price hike is only a dollar or two and other times it’s 300% or higher.

We’ve done a little experiment of our own and went around to various shops here in Costa Rica and asked about the price of different items. After getting a price quote we would leave and have a “Tico” (Costa Rican) friend go in and ask about the same product. THE PRICE WAS ALWAYS CHEAPER when our Tico friend inquired about it…

When shopping around Costa Rica you will get a better deal on things if you take a local around with you. Keep that in mind. Especially if you plan on living in Costa Rica and building a house.

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