Cost of Living in Costa Rica





How much does it cost to live in Costa Rica? What about housing, utilities, food/groceries, vehicles, etc.?

We give you a first hand account with real ‘on-the-ground’ numbers.

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This is the YouTube Channel of the WorldSchool Family, filmed freestyle as they travel the earth with their family of eight. It includes travel adventures, worldschool and homeschool tips and advice, ideas for creating a fantastic family culture and inspiration for living deliberately.


The Denning Family (aka Worldschool Family) are a family of 8 who have been nomadic since 2007. To date (2015) they’ve traveled to 18 countries on 5 continents.

Greg Denning is a personal leadership and development trainer, speaker, mentor and ‘walking antidepressant’. Out on his own at a young age, he spent some time homeless and lonely on the streets. These low points led him to commit to creating a ridiculously awesome life filled with meaning, purpose and love.

Rachel Denning is an author and blogger, mother and education mentor. She’s an autodidact and lover of beauty, art and classical music.

As a family they have driven the Pan American Highway — twice; co-founded a humanitarian organization in Guatemala; founded a school library in the Dominican Republic; worked with the leprosy affected in India; and initiated countless other small self-reliance projects throughout their travels.


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