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Want To Visit Costa Rica? Here Are the Facts You Need To Know

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The Amazing Truth about Health Care in Costa Rica– before Going There, Read This, Or You’ll Regret It

Costa Rica is a paradise for retirees and tourists. The truth is, in the last few years, tourism has boomed in the nation that it is now bringing more in relation to the export of bananas, coffee and pineapples joined! In the recent years, it really is the most visited area in Central America.

There isn’t any denying the majestic beauty of the state that is not scarce in beaches both in the Caribbean Sea as well as the Pacific Ocean, but apart from accessible adventures and the innumerable wonderful destinations, Costa Rica can be famous for their high quality health care system.

Other Latin American nations like Mexico, Brazil and Chile are just to mention a few. So what makes Costa Rica stand out? Why are there thousands of individuals coming each year to seek clinical treatment?

Shocking Prices for Top Notch Health Care

By any standard, cost of health care in Costa Rica is very inexpensive when compared with other countries. This doesn’t mean that the quality of treatment is being undermined. A lot of the country’s doctors, especially the ones are trained in prestigious medical schools in the USA, Europe and Canada. English is also popular in hospitals so language will not be a barrier.

Choosing a normal check up would not be more expensive than . Since in case you are without insurance in the US, you’re looking at paying a little less than 0 to get a basic physical test this in itself is a big saving.

But let us talk in regards to the healthcare system of the nation first.
The first would function as government-run system for the citizens and legal residents. This is known as Caja.+

For expats who are thinking of retiring or moving to the state, it is so easy to get in on this system. An affordable fee will likely be charged monthly, and after that all public health care needed will be free.

Caja has over 30 hospitals and a little more than 25 clinics running. This system has attracted on elderly expats to retire in the nation and has been operational.

The other system is the private medical care system. Private medical care is not free, but insurance can be utilized all the time. If not, you always have the option to pay cash.

is a typical rate, like mentioned above, for a visit to a general physician. A specialist can charge somewhere between -0.

Tourists who’ve spoken about their own expertise say that doctors have taken their time explaining everything. Not one of them would provide the impression that they are on a hurry.

How Different will be the Medical Procedure Costs– Prepare to Drop Your Jaw

When it comes to medical procedures that are significant individuals in Western nations fly to Costa Rica due to the massive difference in cost of health care in Costa Rica. This really is very true notably to the people in the US since it’s just a brief flight and tickets, if booked in advance, may not be extremely expensive.

Heart Bypass, when done in America, will cost up to 0,000. When done in Costa Rica health care, it’ll set you back only ,000.

A hysterectomy is ,000 in the US and just 00, Costa Rica health care.

An angioplasty can cost up to ,000 in the US and just ,000 in Costa Rica health care.

If you notice, the typical savings would be from 60-80%.

Cosmetic Surgery and Dental Care

Most insurance companies in other nations don’t cover cosmetic operations and cosmetic dentistry. Costa rica health care also offers these kinds of service, although Thailand is more popular in this field of medical tourism.

Tummy tuck, breast lift, nose lift, facelift and Brazilian behind operation are several of the most popular procedures being done routinely. The fee for any of those procedures does not go beyond 00. For dental care, root canal, crowns, implants, fillings and teeth whitening are regularly done.


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