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Where tourism is booming, Costa Rica is one of the major Latin American countries in Central America. The
government is working its best to supply the demand and the need for Costa Rica Flights that travel inside Costa
Rica is increasing. Inside Costa Rica both domestic and international there are
various airlines that travel inside.
Lacsa (Lineas Aereas Costarricenses SA) has been established since
1945 and is based in the country’s major airport in San Jose, the official Costa Rica Flights. More than 20 major
destinations in Central, North and South America, among that destination are Los Angeles, Mexico City,
Havana, Tegucigalpa, Bogotá, Panama City, New York, Buenos Aires, Guatemala City,
Miami, San Salvador and Toronto.
Started its operations in 1980, Sansa Costa Rica Flights is a full owned
subsidiary of Lacsa. It has approximately 1 Aerospatiale ATR-42-300 and 9 Cessna 208B Grand Caravan. Within
Costa Rica flies to around 18 destinations.
It is divided into two major but different divisions Costa Rica
Flights, Taxi Aereo Centroamericano and Aviones Taxi Aereo It has been in operation since 1970. Based in
Tobías Bolaños International Airport, San José is Nature Air Airline. It was formerly known as Traveler and
operating since 1991 to provide domestic flight services
One of the leading Costa Rica Flights
Charter operators within Costa Rica Paradise Air travels to approximately 33 destinations, Nicaragua.

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