Cheap Ways to Vacation in Costa Rica


What are some cheap ways to vacation in Costa Rica?

Oh, I love that country! I have been there a few times myself, and pick up a few new tips each time I go.

Share them with me. I understand that you cannot save a ton on flights, but I want to enjoy myself without going to into tons of money to do it.

You really have to watch out for being nickled and dimed to death while you are there. Well, techinically they are Colones, but you get what I mean.

Of course, how can I avoid it?

For one, the alcohol is expensive. Don’t expect bargain prices in this department. If you are looking to go there to party and get drunk you will end up paying top dollar for it.

That tip was quite sobering. I will keep that in mind and keep my alcohol consumption to a minimum.

Avoid the tourist restaurants. Their prices are jacked up. Look to see where the locals are eating and go there. You will pay half the price and get just as good of food, if not better.

What about hotels? Can I stay somewhere nice without paying too much?

You can stay in dorms for a lot less than you could a hotel. They have dorms all over the place and they are really inexpensive.

What about bottled water? I heard you should never drink the water in Central America.

That is a myth. The water in Costa Rica is completely safe. Save your money and drink the local tap water.

Any other tips?

Yes, take a train or a bus instead of a taxi when ever possible. A taxi is the most expensive way to travel around from place to place.

Thank you! I know that Costa Rica is the most expensive Central American country, but you actually make it sound doable on my budget.

While it is more expensive compared to the surrounding countries, it is still far cheaper than any European vacation you could ever go on.

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