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This was originally Part 9 of the “Common Questions Video Series”, but with our partnership and consolidation with Poas Rent A Car in April 2016, this additional service is not longer offered.

There are a few travel agents that will arrange for a border transfer for you, with the following requirements:

• A minimum rental period, typically three (3) days.
• May be returned to any border location, plus the corresponding drop-off fee.
• Inform them of the dates that you’ll need a car in Costa Rica and when you need a car in Panama and/or Nicaragua.
• They’ll arrange the details of two separate rentals — one in Costa Rica and one with another company within your country of choice.
• All you have to do is meet their representative at the border to return (drop-off) their car, cross the border by cab and have a representative from their rent-a-car partner meet you on the other side of the border with your (second) rental car.

If you have other questions or concerns, please speak with us directly, so we may aid you in saving time and money as well as sticking to your travel plans and budget.

Book your escape today with a car rental from Vamos Rent-A-Car with offices in Liberia and San Jose. Call 1-800-950-8426 Toll-Free in the U.S. and Canada or by dialing direct to Costa Rica at (your country’s exit code) +506-4000-0557.

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