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Hi, this is Rohan Rossouw from SEO Studio! –

Thanks for completing the form.

I have been sending leads to businesses since 2006.

Here is what some of my customers say…

Kevin says:

“SEO Studio rocks.

It is a results focused operation that over delivers and will make an impact.

Online travel is a super competitive environment, and we have had huge jumps in our various sites performance and rankings.

Rohan will go the extra mile to understand your business and achieve a presence you didn’t think possible.


Jacques says:

I advertised in the homemakers booklets for almost 8 years and recently switched to SEO marketing.

The results are absolutely unbelievable thanks to Rohan and his team.

(Jacques owns a paving business in Pretoria. I have been helping him since 2013 to get leads from his website. He is currently getting 2 – 4 leads a day to his email inbox!

Warren says:

“Thank you Rohan at Seo Studio for the best service I have ever received in SEO and making my website rank number 1 in Google.

SEO Studio is one of the only companies I have hired that actually does what they say they will do

I have spent so much on companies that claim they can make your website rank well and 6 months later…nothing.

With SEO Studio I think I started seeing results in 2 to 3 weeks and withinn 4 – 5 weeks I had already 2 keywords in the top 3 of Google.

Again Rohan, I can not thank you enough for your absolutely sterling service and look forward to a long prosperous business relationship for our future”

(Warren is a life over at Integrative Life Coachin, you will find his website all over Google as we have totally dominated his market for him resulting in MANY leads a day!)

Enough about me…Let me ask you a quick question:

Did you get a website designed for your business in the hopes that it will send clients to you from the internet?

Is it happening? Do you get daily enquiries from your website?

No? Hope is NOT going to fix that.

I mean…is your website currently so useless that your pet refers more business to you than your website?

If that is the case… I have bad news for you…really bad news.

That is… no one can OBVIOUSLY find your website on Google which makes it 100% useless to say the least.

You might as well go and cancel it right now. That is the hard truth.

Maybe you ARE aware that your website is a complete waste of money at this stage.

Maybe you want to fix it but don’t know how… Maybe you don’t have time…

Let me ask you another question?

Would you LIKE to get leads (FREE LEADS) directly from your website without having to lift a finger or pay a cent??? (YES or NO?)

Would you like to get more customers without having to employ more sales reps, pay for more ads in the paper, do more cold calling (YES or NO?)

Would you like to double your turnover this year (YES or NO?)


Well, Your website has the potential to be your best sales rep…but we need to do a few things to it FIRST. It is NOT going to happen by itself…

So here is the good news!

FOR A LIMITED TIME ONLY, I’m going to send potential customers to your website. That is right, FOR FREE (mahala)

I want you to experience the power of the internet, I want to help you to get BUSY without having to invest thousands in advertising, sales staff, newspapers, pamphlets and whatever you are using at the moment to get customers.

How an I going to do this?

By making sure that people can find your website on Google!

I’m going to rank your website on the first page of Google for ONE keyword for 90 days. Businesses pay tens of thousands for this service (called SEO).

You are getting it for FREE.

And this is how you could get leads from your website directly from Google ALL DAY LONG!

So, what is the catch?

I will not be able to help everyone. In fact I will only be able to assist a handfull of businesses at a time.

That means that I have to siff through all the emails and choose who I want to work with!

If you hear from me via email…it means that you have been chosen!

If you don’t, then I am not able to assist you for FREE at this point in time.

Keep an eye on your email inbox! It might just be your lucky day!

Talk soon ☺

Rohan Rossouw

Welcome To South Africa’s Best SEO Company

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