Best Practices in Website Management, Part 1 [October 26, 2013]


Everyone has an opinion on what type of copy, offer, or design layout will work best on your website, but you can’t argue with data! Once you have infrastructure in place to measure web conversions, you can start A/B testing and implementing other programs to increase web traffic.

Join us for a discussion on the business benefits and strategy for multivariate testing, plus real world lessons learned on tactics that increase site traffic and web conversions:

• A/B Testing Ideas: We’ll cover copy testing (think length, headlines, and calls-to-action), design layouts (buttons, form positions, and navigation content), and imagery
• Search Engine Optimization (SEO): How to define and implement your target keyword list to improve your search rankings on Google, plus tools that get the job done
• Site Search: How a great search experience can help users find your content faster (and convert!)
• Web Localization: Scenarios where you should consider content translation, lessons learned implementing localization, and how to set the right goals to measure success
• Spam Blocking Tools: How content moderation platforms help you prevent hackers and spambots from inflating your website performance metrics

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