Attractions tips costa rica & Things to do אטרקציות בקוסטה ריקה


אטרקציות למטייל ולתייר בקוסטה ריקה,מגוון אטרקציות בקוסטה ריקה. החל מהגשרים בארנל, דרך מרכז הצלת בעלי חיים בפוארטו וויחו, וכלה במרכז הצלת עצלנים באיזור לימון קוסטה ריקה שהוא הצד הקריבי של קוסטה ריקה. ENGLISH VERSION BELOW – רוצים להתעדכן באטרקציות הכי שוות בקוסטה ריקה? כנסו לדף הפייסבוק שלנו להיות מעודכנים –

Attractions tips and things to do in costa rica, costa rica there are many attractions and so called things to do, from canopy tour to a visit an animal rescue center for sloths, walking on one of the amazing hanging bridges, take a coffee tour or even a cacao chocolate tour.

We gather in this movie few of our favorite attractions and things to do in costa rica, its hard to add everything as there is so much to do, but in there we have a few tips and info about some of the attractions in costa rica

As you visit costa rica you will get the chance to see arenal, yes the volcano, now arenal has also a natural volcanic hot springs, the most visited ones are the badi, tabacon and hot springs and spa resort. any of them is nice and fun, we advice to stay with a day pass visit and dont add anything to it, its just way to expensive and all the extras attractions that they offer can be done directly without extra costs.

our 2nd attractions was the Jaguar rescue center in Playa Chiquita puerto viejo limon, this is a non profit organization which rehab many injured animals such as sloths, howler monkeys, birds and many more common animals in costa rica, remember this place is doing only a visited tours, you can just come over but only during the tour times and always book directly via the Jaguar rescue center, there will be places that you stay at and offer to book it for you but than you will pay extra, you shouldnt pay more than (Colones 7500).

As we moved to the next attraction we payed a visit to the sloth sanctuary also called Aviarios del Caribe which located in Cahuita, in the center you are able to observed rescued and rehabilitated sloths, the sloths are amazing animals and of course the best way is to meet them in nature but unfortunately many of them get hurt or run over by a car, this place makes wonder by helping the sloths, remember we advice you to the take the regular tour , they are not the cheapest attraction in costa rica, thats for sure, but its worth visiting if you are around Cahuita.

The place also offer the option to stay there and sleep but we find it a little bit over pricey and doesnt make a difference in seeing the sloths unless you want to spend a few hundreds for a close encounter which always more exciting to do as you meet the sloths in nature.

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