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Why Volunteer in Costa Rica?

Costa Rica has so much to offer: it’s a very safe country with good
infrastructure, making it easy to move around. It’s one of the few countries in
the world with no army, boasting more teachers than policemen, and, for the
free spirited, curious minded traveller, has an amazing biodiversity that is
considered to be in the top 20 in the whole world.

Costa Rica ranks as the happiest country on earth for several years
now in a survey conducted by The New Economist Foundation, calculated by
measuring its progress towards embracing a “sustainable well being”.

So, does Costa Rica need volunteers?

Yes, Costa Rica needs volunteers in three main areas: Education, Community and
Conservation. These are severely underfunded areas, sometimes even ignored
altogether in certain communities. UVOLUNTEER has partnered with several local
projects and institutions to provide you with meaningful volunteer work
placements in Costa Rica.

So, whether you are on your Gap Year, Spring, Summer, Alternative or
Career Break or perhaps even an extended vacation, you will find that our
service learning projects make idea vacations. And you will have the full support
of a local team that cares about you and is there to ensure the local community
values your contribution.

Where are the projects located?

All of our projects, with the exception of Animal Conservation projects, are based
in San Ramon, Alajuela. This is where our organization is headquartered. San
Ramon is a quaint small coffee growing town in the central valleys of Cost Rica,
located 40 minutes from the International Airport and capital San Jose.

San Ramon’s central location makes it ideal for our participants to travel and
explore Costa Rica, as it only takes 1-hour to the Pacific Coast beaches and 2
hours to the mystic Arenal Volcano and its hot springs.

San Ramon is known as ‘the city of Presidents, Poets and Lovers’, and has
been home to many of the political and literary leaders of Costa Rica, including
four former presidents.

What are the requirements?

We welcome all volunteers aged 18 and upward from all over the world!
However, the majority of our participants tend to be between the ages of 18 – 35
years old, mainly coming from the USA, Canada, the UK, EU, Australia and
New Zealand.

Our participants usually travel alone and independently. But we have several
applications from schools, universities and family groups each year

Do I have to speak Spanish?

You are going to be living and working in a Spanish speaking country so learning
some Spanish before you arrive would be sensible!

Our projects have different Spanish level requirements, so, for example, if you
are going to be working with children, then don’t expect them to speak English.
The more Spanish language you know, the more you will get out of this
experience. Each project has its Spanish level requirement highlighted on its
project page below.

Will there be other volunteers there with me?

Yes. We usually place around 350 volunteers in our Costa Rica program
each year. And the majority of our projects are all in the same location… San

This means that there will always be other volunteers, members of staff and
friends of UVOLUNTEER here to socialize and travel with you.
The turtle conservation project is based in various locations around Costa Rica,
but don’t worry, you will never be alone on the turtle project either.

Regardless of where you are located you will have plenty of opportunity to
meet people from all over the world, as well as benefiting from a strong
supporting network locally.


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