40 Days in Panama, Nicaragua, Costa Rica: Surf, Sun and Siestas


On our 40-day trip to Central America, you’ll get a relaxing and incredibly rewarding experience traveling through Nicaragua, Costa Rica and Panama. With less distance to cover than most regions of the world, you get to move at a nice, easy pace through 3 countries that are rich with beauty and very different. All 3 countries offer amazing beaches, consistently wicked surf and out of this world scenery but there is a massive cultural diversity to be experienced on this trip. With very different histories, political situations and experiences with colonialism, travelling through Nicaragua, Costa Rica and Panama will give you 3 unique perspectives on life in Central America. On top of the differences between countries, within each of their borders lies a huge mix of colorful cultures. From salsa dancing in Latin night clubs to raucous rodeos to laidback surfer towns to the reggae and Rastafarian life in the Caribbean, you’re sure to feel like you travelled through even more than 3 countries on this trip! Experiencing our 40-day trip to Central America is the perfect introduction to travelling in Latin America.

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