3. Map Earthquakes Accurately Before They Strike (Epicenter, Foci, Intensity & Strike Date)


Earthquakes of all magnitudes are extremely easy to detect before they strike and major earthquakes are easy to forecast accurately days in advance. Learn how earthquakes are detected ahead of time in these 22 videos by precursor pulses that are detected 24 hours a day for days and weeks before the earthquakes can strike.

David Berger shows that destructive earthquakes occurring along the West Coast of the USA and Mexico have scientifically obtainable important information detected at a distant secondary location before they strike. This Piezoseismically detectable information foretells of the impending time of doom in those areas; usually hours to days in advance.


In this video, a particular “earthquake link” in the Wichita Kansas area gives the exact time and date at which destructive earthquakes will strike the Western Coastal areas of the USA , Mexico and Central America. This means that when the release occurs in the Wichita, Kansas area it does provide the time left before destructive earthquakes will strike along the Western Coastal areas of the USA, Mexico and Central America.

Other Piezoseismic systems in those particular distant regions along the West Coast of the USA, Mexico and Central America will have targeted the growing destructive earthquake cell and will be used to determine and map the exact epicenters, hypocenters (foci) and magnitudes of upcoming destructive earthquakes.

The exact date and the approximate time of day that the destructive earthquakes will happen in those regions is determined by the exact release time and date in the region of Wichita, Kansas and other areas.

L.A. or Los Angeles, California will have approximately 64 hours advance warning before being struck and San Fransisco will have approximately 72 hours advance warning before being struck. Areas further north in Oregon and Washington will have approximately 78 hours or more advance notice before being struck. Denver, Colorado about 18 hours advance warning. Mexico City, the State of Colima, Mexico and Central America have approximately 24 hours to prepare and/or evacuate.

The Abstract: “Earthquakes Cannot be Predicted” by Robert J. Geller, David D. Jackson, Yan Y. Kagan, Francesco Mulargia was written by earthquake scientists that are ignorant in knowledge of “FACTUAL EARTHQUAKE DYNAMICS” that are easily detectable before earthquakes of any magnitude can strike.

The scientific abstract that is totally worthless is called “Earthquakes Cannot Be Predicted” can be found in Science Magazine: March 14, 1997:
Vol. 275. no. 5306, pp. 1616 – 0
DOI: 10.1126/science.275.5306.1616

David Berger shows in 22 sequential videos how earthquakes are detected hours, days and weeks before they strike and how the precursor signals during that time show exactly: (1) when the earthquake will strike; (2) where it will strike (Epicenter); (3) how deep it will be (Hypocenter, Foci, Focus, Focal Point); (4) how to find the strength (Magnitude) by Piezoseismically Mapping it days ahead of time; and (5) the direction of fracture, rupture and bending of the ground by a Piezoseismic Refracted Radiation that can be seen directly above the area of ground under abnormal pressure 24 hours a day for days and sometimes weeks before the earthquake strikes.

Piezoseismology detects the bending of the Earths crustal materials for days and weeks before a rupture or quake occurs and up to 1.5 days after the earthquake as the Earths subsurface materials settle back into a resting position.

Granite gives off detectable positive signals and limestone gives off detectable negative signals when pressure is applied to them.

People studying earthquakes have days and sometimes weeks to map any magnitude of earthquake before it strikes in order to determine ahead of time what its magnitude currently is, or what it will be after adding the latent energy of collapsing linked earthquake cells to its magnitude.

There is no better way to prepare for destructive earthquakes than detecting them days and weeks ahead of time; destructive earthquakes can’t strike an area without it first being detected by a Piezoseismic System operating within its range.

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Its VERY EASY to detect earthquakes of any magnitude BEFORE THEY STRIKE.

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