20 Things NOT To Do in Costa Rica – Part 4


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Here are 20 Things NOT To Do in Costa Rica – Part 4!

16. Don’t Forget Departure Tax
Unlike many countries, you will need to get a special exit visa upon leaving the country! USD. American, US Airways and Copa have recently added this to the ticket price, but most others will have to join the lengthy line at the airport to take care of this pesky fee.

17. Don’t Neglect Beach Safety
Costa Rica is famous for its wonderful sandy beaches, but many of them have high surfs or riptides, causing locals and tourists alike to drown every year, and there are rarely any warning signs.

18. Don’t Buy Souvenirs at the Airport
Shops in the San Jose and Liberia airports are extremely overpriced, and the souvenirs are clichéd and unexciting anyway. To get more authentic items, consider bartering at local markets when doing your souvenir shopping.

19. Don’t Forget to Learn Some Basic Spanish
English is not widely spoken in Costa Rica, particularly if you’re going off the beaten path away from touristy zones. The local ticos are generally friendly and won’t mind helping you practice your Spanish attempts.

20. Don’t Rely on Travelers Checks
Travelers checks are becoming increasingly difficult to use around the world, and Costa Rica is no exception. They are not widely accepted, even in touristy areas, so you’ll need to withdraw or change your money while you’re there.

Now you know what NOT to do you can enjoy this bountiful paradise. ¡Pura Vida!

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