20 Things NOT To Do in Costa Rica – Part 3


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Here are 20 Things NOT To Do in Costa Rica – Part 3!

Number 11. Don’t Forget the Insect Repellent
Costa Rica has its fair share of mosquitoes which can spread diseases like dengue or chikungunya. Beyond the health risks, they’re just plain annoying and persistent, and insect repellent tends to be expensive and difficult to find once you’re there.

12. Don’t Expect to See Big Cats in The Jungle
Most travelers would love to see a jaguar, ocelot or puma in the wild on their trip to Costa Rica. These endangered cats are only found on reserves these days, (Tortuguero National Park, Corcovado National Park, La Selva or the Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve.) and even in these sanctuaries, it’s a rare sighting.

13. Don’t Forget to Bring Sunscreen
Costa Rica’s many pristine sandy beaches are paradisaical. However, being only 10 degrees north of the equator, the sun is often very strong. Make sure you buy the sunscreen before you go, as it’ll be cheaper.

14. Don’t Tip in Restaurants
Tipping in restaurants in Costa Rica is not expected, and there is usually a 10% service charge included anyway. Unless you receive exceptionally good service, don’t bother tipping in catering establishments.

15. Don’t Disrespect Nature
Picking wild plants, pocketing seashells or damaging trees is a big no-no, and may get you in trouble. Most of the wildlife, particularly in the rainforests, is strictly protected by the government.

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