This circa 1940 black-and-white travelogue takes us to the rugged, rainforested Central American country. The film opens on street scenes from the capital, San Jose (mark 00:23), a city “as modern as today’s airplane.” We see such structures as the National Theater (00:46) and the University of Costa Rica before visiting young girls picking coffee beans from plants (mark 01:30) and then follow the key product through its production cycle. A resident beautifully paints his ox cart at mark 02:50 before being attached to their beasts of burden and we visit a banana grove (mark 03:25), touted as the nation’s second most important industry, as they eventually are shown being loaded aboard ships for delivery to countries such as the United States. Mark 04:25 takes us to Alajuela, a province in northern Costa Rica that is the center of the sugarcane industry, and also see workers select cacao pods from which to harvest their cocoa beans (mark 04:44), and watch the manufacturing of abaca rope. We see scenes of orchids (the national flower) and their countless varieties, extinct volcanoes, and watch a car speed down the Pan-American Highway. There are bullfights (mark 06:13) and scenes of men women playing in fountains (mark 07:00) .“Clean as a porcelain cup; neat as a good housewife. That sums up the Republic of Costa Rica,” boasts the narrator as the film nears an end.

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